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Proper surface preparation is critical to the success and longevity of our projects.

To paint an exterior properly, Andrechick Painting begins with thorough preparation, assessing the unique features of each structure. Preparation is the foundation of a quality long lasting job. Part of the preparation may encompass waterproofing, caulking, glazing, and patching cracks. We work with the highest quality products to achieve optimum color retention and adhesion. Proper preparation and quality materials and craftsmanship ensure resistance to cracking, blistering and peeling from the elements.

In all cases, surrounding surfaces are protected and masked off as needed, and our jobs sites are left clean and organized.Andrechick Painting specializes in high-volume spray painting of high-performance coatings. Spray painting offers the ultimate in speed, efficiency, and coverage quality, especially in difficult access situations. Conventional brush & roller techniques are utilized when they are preferable and/or more efficient.